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When you do business with Crown, our sales and technical staff have decades of experience at your disposal.  Being a privately held company, corporate bureaucracy does not exist. This allows us to service each customer personally and make our decision makers easily accessible to keep a strong focus on our customers’ needs. We can service customers in the field with custom designed formulations created specifically to meet their needs. Our products are manufactured in state of the art facilities with the latest industrial innovations and combined with our commitment to continual improvement our customers can expect the highest quality products at competitive prices.  Our full service team is committed to making our customers more profitable through faster customer response heeding to our founding decree… high quality thermoplastic when you want it, where you want it!  Further, Crown continues to develop innovative products and systems that improve the safety of motorists around the World.  Want to learn more about our newest products? Read More


Thermoplastic Calculator

For your convenience, we have created an estimating calculator for your product needs.

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Experienced Staff

State of the Art Facilities

High Quality Products