TuffLine® KwikLine® White Thermoplastic

The basics…

TuffLine® KwikLine® White Thermoplastic is a 100% granular/powder material packaged in 50-pound meltable bags stacked on 2,000-pound pallets.  TuffLine® KwikLine® is specifically formulated for low mil spray applications ranging from 30-40mils.  TuffLine® KwikLine® is available in both alkyd and hydrocarbon based formulations.

Specifications & Performance…

TuffLine® KwikLine® White Thermoplastic is available in a wide variety of specifications including AASHTO, City/County based specifications, State Specifications, and many Country specific standards with notable changes due to product design and/or performance.  TuffLine® KwikLine® white thermoplastic provides excellent adhesion, color retention, and retroreflectivity.  Our materials are formulated to the highest standards giving our customers the confidence of a durable, long-lasting, and high-performing finished product.

Learn More…

Crown stands behind the products we manufacture and is known for superior customer service.  Let us show you how we can bring savings and expertise to your business.  Please review Video, Brochure, SDS, and Application Instructions to learn more about TuffLine® KwikLine® or contact us directly to learn more about our products and service.


Application Instructions

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